Here you can find exact GPS coordinates of latitude and longitude of any place in the world and precise information from the United States of America (cities, counties and states), simply browse the web or use our coordinates and address search engine to see all the data that you are looking for.

(DD) Decimal degrees

DMS (degrees, minutes, secondes)

GPS coordinates · Latitude and Longitude

GPScoordinates.info is used to determine the latitude and longitude coordinates of a point of interest in order to use them in a GPS, whether navigator, mobile or computer, to reach the destination in the easiest and quickest way.

The coordinate system used is the WGS84 system, used by default in most GPS and IGN systems, which publishes topographic and hiking maps in this same system.
The coordinates are given in decimal degrees (ddd. ddddddd°), latitude is counted positively north of the equator, and longitude east of the Greenwich meridian (e. g. latitude N 47.35909°, longitude E -122.14190°).

What is Longitude?

The longitude is another angular value, an expression of the east or west position of a point on Earth. In geodesy, it is the angle in the center that forms the plane that passes through this point and the axis of rotation of the Earth with the plane of the Greenwich meridian.

What is Latitude?

The latitude is an angular value, an expression of the north or south position of a point on Earth. From a mathematical point of view, the latitude of a point is the angle in the center that forms the normal angle (vertical) at this point with the equatorial plane.

All the data you will find on the website are completely real and have been tested before being published.

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